Pastor Rusheed

Pastor Rusheed

Called by God at age nineteen.The ministry was birthed in my heart divinely...

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Prayer Room

If you shall ask any thing in my name (JESUS), I will do it.  John 14:14

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Live Service

Now you can watch and be blessed our Sunday Service LIVE through this website.

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What We Believe

1. We believe the bible to be the INSPIRED WORD OF GOD and accept the same as the only infallible guide and rule of our faith and practice .2nd TIM 3;16,17.

2. We believe in the TRIUNE GOD,equal in divine perfection and attributes executing distinct but harmonious office in the work of redemption.GOD THE FATHER ,maker of heaven and earth;GOD THE SON co-eternal with the father.GOD THE HOLY SPIRIT ,co-existent and equal with the father and the son sent by the father through the son to reprove the world of sin and prepare the bride of christ, john 16;9,19

3. We believe in the TOTAL FALL AND DEPRAVITY OF MAN,lost and unable to save himself by his own efforts.ROM.5;12,19. 3:6-23

4. We believe that CHRIST was fore-ordained from before the foundation of the world as GOD lamb, TO SHED HIS BLOOD FOR THE SALAVATION OF MAN.1; PET 1;19,20.

5. We believe a CHRISTIAN is one who has been saved from the penalty of sin by GOD grace alone regenerated by the holy spirit and given power to repent of his sins.ROM,8-1,2.

6. We believe that having been cleansed by the blood and quickened by the spirit ,it is GOD will that we should be SANCTIFIED DAILY AND MADE PARTAKER OF HIS HOLINESS a true christian must forsake the very appearance of evil.ROM,6-22.

7. We believe that MARRIAGE was instituted by GOD sanctified by the lord JESUS CHRIST and commended of st paul to honourable among all men. A christian man or woman should not marry an unsaved person

8. We believe that water baptism by immersion ,in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit is commanded by GOD; that it is subsequent to conversion ;that it is not a saving ordinance but an outward sing of an inward work .

9. We believe in the commemoration of the LORD SUPPER as type of the broken body and shed blood of our lord and as an ordinance showing forth the death, burial and resurrection of our lord, and looking forward to the marriage supper of the lamb.

10. We believe the BAPTISM TO THE HOLY SPIRIT is a definite experience not identical with conversion the initial evidence of this experience is the speaking in other tongues as the spirit gives is given to endure with power ;to give inspired utterance in witnessing for christ ;to lead the believer into holiness and sobricty to equip him for efficent soul winning

A,The spirit -filled life is one that experiences a continual re-newing from on high .the spirit is as gentle as a dove easily grieved and wounded by coldness, prayerlessness, idle conversation, worldliness and a crictical spirit eph;5.18

11. We believe that DIVINE HEALING is the power of GOD heald the sick and afflicted in answerto believing prayer and is provided for in the atonement we believe that GOD is willing to and does heal the sick today

12. We believe THE SECOND COMING OF CHRIST ;that it is a personal and imminent reality be fore the millennial reign of CHRIST.The Rapture of the redeemed from the earth both those which are dead in CHRIST and those which are alive ,is something to be anticipated by every true believer.

13. We believe that every born again believer should identify himself with the VISIBLE CHURCH OF CHRIST and should labour diligently and contribute his temporal means toward the spreading of the gospel all tithes should be broughtt into the storehouse of the lord.

14. We believe that the GOVERNMENT IS ORDAINED OF GOD ,and all christian should be subject to laws of the land expect those contrary to the revealed will of GOD.In times of war,the individual participation is to be governed by his own consicience.

15. We believe in the FINAL JUDGEMENT OF THE WICKED ,with a literal place of hell or outer darkness bitter sorrow and remorse this is prepared by GOD for the devil and his angels and those whose names are not found written in the lambs book of life REV;20-10,14, 15; 21-7 -8

16. We believe that HEAVEN IS THE HABITATION OF GOD where CHRIST has gone to prepare a place for all his children

17. We believe that because of the soon coming of CHRIST, we should put forth our utmost efforts to the PROMULGATION OF THE GOSPEL TO EVERY KINDRED,TRIBE AND TONGUE ,THAT SOUL WINNING IS THE CHIEF MISSION OF THE CHURCH,and that all hindrances should be laid aside so that nothing should hinder world -wide EVANGELISM.2ND TIM 4;12

Church Services

  • Sunday Worship 10AM
  • Tuesday Bible Study 7PM
  • Wednesday Prayer 10AM-12PM
  • Thursday Intercessory Prayer 7PM
  • Friday Deliverance 7PM